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I was going through some old photos, yes actual printed pictures, looking for pics of my 91 Mustang GT because I'm apparently crazy enough to consider starting another project. Anyway, I found some pics of the red/black 93 Lightning from the old days. I thought it would be cool to have a thread to post "vintage" pics of your trucks, pics when they were new, new to you, unmodified, brand new, etc.

In this picture, the truck was about 4 months old and bone stock. It's never been driven in snow, but I thought it'd be cool to back it out to take a few pics in the snow. This was December 1993.

Here is the truck in spring (I believe) 1994 right before it was lowered. I think it was one of the first Lightnings to get a 3/5 lowering. The black coupe on the left belonged to my friends who owned Exotic Motors Racing. That coupe was responsible for getting me deeper than I should've been into drag racing my Foxbody at the time and making me want to mod my Lightning. I was maybe 21 at the time.


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A couple posters I had made that hang in my garage. Burnout poster from 1995 I think? And the other maybe 1997?


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