Ahhhh Joy. Back to Bankston for the 3rd time...

Well, at least the list of crap that's wrong with my truck is shrinking... Although, the check engine light did just come on again, but I'll ignore it the first time round since I was beating on the truck pretty damn hard and slamming off rev limiters and stuff...

But, now the infamous Squeal I've been having on cold starts is now doing it all the time. Using my superior detection skills, I tracked it down to the supercharger rotors... They're squeeking and squealing pretty much non-stop now...

That can't be good.

At least they're not making me take all my crap back off the truck.

I guess after getting beat down for so long, you just start to accept your fate eh? I'm thinking I've almost had enough of this... I have to think new cars don't do this. I wonder how I'd look drivin' an Escalade or something...

Get the bling bling factor workin in my favor...

I remember those days. :mad:

It sounds like the bearings. Hopefully the rotors are'nt hitting the casing.

I can't remember if the bearings are rolled in or if they're pressed.
If they are pressed then you could just change them yourself. I know, I know just let the dealer do his job.
I'm not going to take my L in ever again unless I HAVE too. Been there done that.

Good luck;)


Massta Tom
Them voo-doo curses are mighty powerful, aren't they? Heehee:p !

I hope the truck comes out OK. Nobody needs to go through as much crap as you have.


For what it is worth, before I left Texas this month, I had to have new plugs put in the L so I could drive it back.

They said the plugs were not covered under warranty because of excessive high speed, geaux figure --- I don't remember reading anything about excessive high speed in the owners manual --- OR DID I MISS SOMETHING:confused:
the added rpms of the pullies is putting too much pressure on the rear bearnings and since they do not have a grease supply unless you pull them out and grease them, this is going to happen. they are needle bearings runnin some wheel bearing type grease. if you are out of warrenty have terry get ahold of willie. I think their may be a new blower there.
It's under warranty, so no real problem... Won't cost me a penny. Since it's not a Ford warranty, Bankston really could care less about my mods, they get paid full fare either way.