Hey guys, Iíve sold my 95 Lightning and my 02 Lightning as well, but Iím looking for a factory muffler from the Gen 2 Lightnings. I have one on my 81 F-150 5.0 cobra motor. I recently bought a 95 f-150 with 5.0. Iíve put a set of AFR heads, mild cam and roller rockers on this truck. My problem is that Iíve been saving some old Corsa Reds Iíd bought about 15 years ago because I love the sound, but now that theyíre on there, they sound great, but theyíre too loud for me. I really want to recreate the sound that my 81 motor has and thatís the factory gen 2 Lightning muffler.
I havenít posted in a long time; Iím older now and donít remember if phone numbers are ok, but if they are 901.356.8282.