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Thread: Tribute Lightning

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    Tribute Lightning

    Just curious of anyone has purchased a Lightning Tribute. There were some dealers that were modding new Reg Cab F150ís into a Lightning-like truck. The picture below is one that a dealer local to me had some time back.
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    That's a good question. I do not know anyone who bought one of those tributes, but I see TONS of turbo and whipple late model F-150's hauling butt!
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    Bone stock the 5.0 standard cab trucks are super quick.. add a couple of bolt ons and a tune and itís faster than a L ever thought about being with the same mods..

    These coyotes are awesome! I couldnít resist and had to buy a 2020 crew 4x4 myself! A lot of future plans to be a fast family hauler when the warranty runs out.

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    Nice. But I would definitely buy a nicer set of mud tires and wheels for the tribute.

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