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Thread: E4OD Shifting too firm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamie V View Post
    After a while it will start chasing its tail changing the VE table back-and-forth in certain cells depending on driving habits.

    Once you get to that point what works well is datalogging a nice long drive with your laptop and then running an autotune on the datalog in megalog viewer.
    I wonder how much difference there will be between towing my boat and not. I’d like to get a good mixture between both if possible. I think that’s possible, but will take some time under multiple conditions to get perfect.

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    With MS3/3X there’s a table switch input. You should have a pin out provided by Stinger, if there is you could have a switch or even something fancier wired in to your trailer connector to swap modes towing trans settings vs “normal” or whatever )
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    That would be slick to make it auto-shift tables based on the trailer being plugged in.

    I'm betting there won't be any difference in terms of VE. You may want a little less spark advance when towing.
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