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Thread: Oil Coller Gasket leaking

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    Oil Cooler Gasket leaking

    Hey Guys,

    So I experienced the dreaded oil cooler gasket failure. First noticed due to oil pressure light flashing. Truck wasn't running hot or anything, just the oil light came on a few times while driving, luckily i was a few blocks from my house.

    Popped hood and checked oil and it was low, like really low. Was looking around engine bay and noticed coolant tank was dark, Waited till truck cooled down and opened cap and noticed it was pure oil in the coolant tank.

    Checked dipstick again and oil level was still pretty much empty. No oil leaking from oil filter-cooler area so i figured it must be the gasket for oil cooler/block.

    Started taking things apart, removed filter, oil cooler, hoses etc.. Now I'm stuck, I propped up the engine as stated in other posts. Do I have to totally remove the motor mount from both the block and the frame or just from the block? Does the motor mount come off while the oil cooler is still bolted to the block or do they come off as one piece once unbolted?
    With the frame, steering rack anti-lock brake stuff and other parts in the way how the heck do you remove anything else? I think I can reach the front bolts for the cooler, gonna take some serious extensions but then what?
    Part of me wants to take off the whole drive train on the drivers side but hoping I don't have to. Removed inner fender liner for more access but still pretty crowded area.

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