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Thread: .... check engine soon , light

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    Quote Originally Posted by brook View Post
    .... sa94Lightning, You're not to bright!

    Your telling everyone here, that you know what I was thinking.

    You two must be related.......

    Note, I have not disconnected the battery, for about a month now. and no.

    .... check engine light!!! knock on wood
    Bright enough to know the CEL WILL be back.

    You however are the one who aint real bright.

    Or you would have
    A) diagnosed and fixed the truck properly by pulling codes (not at autozone) and correcting the issue.
    B) Found a competent mechanic to do so.

    Doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result........

    Good luck

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    a real man, would fix the issue

    instead of cobble the poor truck even further

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    Bank 1 and 2 Lean? Is the turkey pan plugged? Easy vac leak to miss if your mechanic or yourself doesn't know where to look. Its prone to failure on the Gen 2's due to location and radiant heat. P0171 and P0174 are the codes I believe. Truck will run fine but if you wanna put tape over the problem i guess that works too 😉
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