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Thread: Newer F150 tries his luck

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    Newer F150 tries his luck

    So I’m at the middle lane at the stop light. To my left is a Mitsubishi Lancer and to my right is a new model F150 (4dr FX4). The f150 didn’t have a badge on it so I’m not sure what engine it had. But we all know the newer Fords, whether it’s a 2.7,3.5 or a 5.0, are all capable of running hard. So light turns green and I wait a second to see if anyone’s willing to “get down”. To my surprise the F150 rolls out hard. So I gave him a earful of a Vortech powered 351 on race gas pushing 11-12lbs boost. I put 2 trucks on him and let out. He pulled up with a big smile and gave my truck a compliment (“nice truck”). Man I can’t wait to get to the track soon to see what kinda times I can run now. Since my last run I lowered the back 2”, put a roll pan on it again, and put a smaller blower pulley on.
    1995 #1768. 179k Miles, Stock motor, JBA 1-5/8 long tube headers, X pipe, Summit chambered mufflers/dumps at axle. Vortech V3 Si-trim, 8-rib 6.87” crank/3.47” blower pulleys, 12:1 Vortech FMU, Walbro 255 (GSL392), Kirban adj FPR, Tial BOV, MSD 6btm, NGK TR6 .030” gap, Punisher VB, traction bars, EGR/Smog pump delete, Flex-a-lite 295 fan kit.

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    I got a 19 f150, 4x4, 4 door, with the 5.0... feels like it would run a mid 14. They definitely move out well. Throw a tune on any ecoboost and you have a nice running truck for sure.
    T/W heads, Comp XFI cam, PI 2600 stall, VSR next gen billet 78/75 turbo, id1050x injectors, and a Stock 200k mile shortblock with a Pimpxshift

    Personal best 1/8 mile: 6.53 @ 103.4 mph 1.47 60'

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    Good job! I miss the stop light action!

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    Was out cruising the boulevard Sunday evening. Newer F-150 pulled up next to me. Now my truck with the cogs whines ridiculously loud even idling. And the Magnum Powers blower adds a nice hum to the cacophony. So him even thinking it was kind of LOL! So I went for it anyhow, and he never got in front of me. Didn't stay in it too long though, the cops patrol the cruise scene pretty visibly. Don't want to muddy up the waters and give them reason to shut it down.

    Also my truck has 12.5 (stock rims widened 3 inches) rims in the back with M & H Racemaster 345s on them. And 6.5 (stock rims cut down 3 inches) rims in the front with 215/60s on them. And shiny longbars that are visible to anyone who knows what they are. So a stock new F-150 wanting to race me. LMAO! But yeah, I know about the ecoboost trucks. They're no joke. Rode in friends once, was impressed.

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    Should've seen the look on the time slip lady's face the first time I took my wife's former tuned EcoBoost Flex down the track. She looked at the time slip, looked back at the car with this "WTF" look on her face, then back at the time slip, and just shook her head. That would've put the hurt on a STOCK Gen 2 or a STOCK F-150 Limited, but it wasn't even a thought for something like yours, except maybe for about 100 ft with the AWD.

    I never got to test the 100 octane tune, but I think it might have squeaked into the 12s. For a moment in time, it was the fastest thing at my house, faster than my LS-swapped Blazer or my 550i, both of which ran lower half of the 13s.

    I've got a mild tune in her Edge Sport now. It's pretty quick down low.

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