On the way home from work tonight, I was waiting on the light to turn green in my Gen1 thatís mostly stock. I hear something rumbling behind me, and a 05ish mustang is behind me with a heavy cam, and who knows what else done to it. I turn and get into my lane, and he leaves sideways trying to show off. I get to about 60 (on the highway) and I see him running me down. I said what the hell letís see what my old truck can do, I go FOT as he is trying to pass me. We stay side to side for a good 60-70 ft then he pulls away, I lost by about half a car length. I was upset at first but then I thought about it, an old truck kept up with a mustang that had a good amount of work done on it. I think itís time for me to do a rebuild and show him whoís boss next time.

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