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Thread: Hitting bump stops w 2/3 drop

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    Hitting bump stops w 2/3 drop

    Hey guys. Buddy of mine just lowered his 2nd gen w LMRs Belltech 2/3 kit. Well now it is just slamming into the bumpstops. Anyone have a fix for it short of c-notch. It was on the lowest setting for the shackle so he put it in the next hole and it helps a little but it still hits the bump stops and not even on hard bumps.
    Has anyone put a different bottom leaf in to keep it from slamming the bumpstop?
    He already put shorter bum stops in.

    He also would not mind a 1/2-3/4" higher in the rear

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    one way would be to consider putting a 1/2" to 3/4" thick metal block between the bottom of the leaves and the top of the spring pad on the rearend axle tube. sort of a "lift block", the opposite of a car lowering block. if there's enough meat in the front hanger, maybe relocate the hole for the spring eye to raise the ride height some (might/probably need some welding to plug hole or add gusset?). re-arch springs or different leaves like you said. my gen1 has thin lift blocks to level ride height side to side and give a different rake (stance). simply some ideas.

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