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Thread: oil in supercharger

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    oil in supercharger

    what is causing oil to collect in my supercharger. I have an 01 silver lightning

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    PCV system is causing it. You need to add a catch can in the line and drain it regularly.

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    The Gen. II Lightnings are known for this. The PCV system dumps any residual oil into the plenum behind the IAC vavle. As was said, an oil separator works to keep it out. Also there is an elbow down on the back of what is called the turkey pan, the lower intake underneath the intercooler. THis eventually will go bad on you and you will end up with P0171 and 174 codes for being too lean on the mixture. Most of us pull the supercharger at some point to clean the intercooler, because all that oil ends up accumulating on it. While the supercharger is off, remove the elbow from the back of the block and put a 3/8 NPT plug in from the inside using lots of sealant on it. Then you can delete the hose running up the back of the block, and put an oil separator in between the PCV valve and the plenum.

    I did all that to mine last year when I swapped from the stock Eaton to a Magnum Powers blower. The catch can is one that Mustang owners use, available on Cramazon.

    I have the phone number of a fellow that makes custom heater hoses for our Lightnings. THese are much shorter than the stock ones and allow you to clean up the engine bay on the passenger side for easier plug changes and just all around cleaner look. If you look at the pic below, you will not see those unsightly heater hoses intruding. Then delete the EGR valve on the driver's side, if you live in a state that doesn't do smog tests that is.
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