World Street Challenge 1


It was great to see all the guys at the WSC this past weekend. Of course Johnny Lightning was there to keep "inspiring" all of us with his 8 second screamer. He really is a nice guy in person too :), unlike some of the other big names in racing. Bob Churan (sp) was runner-up in street truck and JL was the winner of top truck, although he was the only entrant. Bob you should have run in Top truck to make JL work for his money!

Racer attendance was down this year, most likely due to increased diesel prices. I did pretty well personally (I only race about twice a year), thanks to the lower numbers of racers in each class. In the ET-3 bracket I made the semi-finals on Sat, and on Sunday I was eliminated in the quarter finals in ET-3 and in street truck. After winning a reaction time/et contest, I made enough on the weekend to pay for my entry fees and expenses. I will definately be back next year (if they have it) :eek:ldtu:
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