Who is coming list


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I will be there Saturday for the car show with my 93 and my moms 01 roush stage 3. Is there a part for the trucks only? Cause I would prefer to be parked by my moms stang since we r coming down together. But I cant wait to see some other lightning owners.


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The LightningFest truck show is Sunday. All the Trucks for race and show will be parked in a reserved spot. 1/8 - 1/4 mile at the fence.


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Alright sounds good but i will be there saturday so ill just be part of the big show they have. But I look forward to meeting some other proud lightning owners and seeing them fly down the track.


Any word on price toget in and how late the racing will go on Saturday? I wouldn't be able to make it down until mid-late afternoon. Otherwise I migh come down Sunday.