Welcome another Supporting Vendor


I Support the NLOC
Lets all welcome Mike from Troyer Performance to the NLOC forum. :clap:

Troyer Performance is the only company in the world that truly specializes in F-150 performance, having done so for the past 16 years. We are well known for helping to develop many of the performance parts that are on the market for the F-150 enthusiast, working with most of the major manufacturers, and enjoy an excellent reputation for quality, tuning expertise, and overall knowledge of this vehicle platform.

We offer a complete range of performance parts & services ranging from tuning, gauges & other mild parts all the way to complete srteet-strip performance packages, all-out race engines, transmissions, and virtually anythign the performance-oriented F-150 Lightning owner could want or need.

We operate a full service chassis dyno & installation facility, and can offer complete turn-key installations.

Click to visit the Troyer Performance website