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i have a huge blower
another new best

Red 94
408 with an s-trim

1.56 60' 7.38@92.07 11.59@118.1
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Gosh... I don't think my Vortech V1 S-trim at 8-9lbs boost is gonna get anywhere close the 12's on my 100% stock engine. I didn't get a good run in last year and only ran 13.9@96 pretty much the same as my old Powerdyne but I didn't take off good and boost wasn't very much due to the new belt stretching I believe, because I had it pretty tight and then it was loose. But Im watching Ebay and what not for pullies to upgrade to 8rib so hopefully something pops up or ill just buy them new. May start a thread about it and a few options im considering. But id like to post up a time in this OLD thread this spring!

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Steve there should be a stock speed density list! I know it would be alot of older times but I'm going to make a run at a strong 1/8 mile time here soon. Lots of people don't know how fast some people have gone with the stock computer.


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Welcome to the list dreamweaver. It had been 12 years since I edited this list. Where has the time gone?


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Hey Steve can you add me? I’ll be the only one in the 13 sec class!

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