Thanks to Fast Specialties


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thanks for putting on the dyno today, nice facility you have going.. The Pizza was great too:tu: :tu:

Also a big thanks to Amber (no vin, sorry):D and the rest of the dyno techs( sorry can't remember names...getitn old:? )

It was also very nice to meet and talk with Mr Magnum"Charles" Powers, cool guy.....His truck really moves!!!Had a good chat about lots of stuff and he unfortunately turned down the deal of the century on a blower deal:punch: :bash: :noentry: :D :eek: .....just kidding:D

thanks again to all down there at Fast Specialties......JR


I'll add my kudos...

to echo JR's. Thanks Ron and all your associates and was very special to meet and talk with Charles "Magmun Powers" Warner. It was especially enjoyable to "hitch a ride" in Charles' truck ! Thank you all again for a great day !!

Scott ;k :beanie: ;k


From another Scott,


You have a great facility and staff. Thanks for the wonderful day and you couldnt have ordered better weather for us.

It was great getting to meet both Charles and yourself and I too especially appreciated the ride the the Magnum truck. Put things in to perspective for me.

Look forward to a tuning session with you folks in the not too distant future.

Scott (one of the other Scott's)


This is breaking news and details are just starting to filter in.

The title of:
"World's Fastest Magnum Powers Stock Long Block" now held by John Purdue.
John ran 11.585@115 with an awesome 1.58 60foot.



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Quickest yes by 1/10 but not fastest.
Fred Decker still has that one.Freddy posted a trap speed of 116 and some change.