TCE returns with a great offer!

Todd TCE

Supporting Vendor
Hi All,

Todd from TCE Performance Products back for a few months on both NLOC and NHTOC.

As many of you know TCE has been producing front and rear Wilwood shod big brake kits for some years now. The great news however is that for a limited time the price as been reduced on the base 13" kit! Today I am taking orders for this time proven 13" kit with the new "Internal Crossover FSL" caliper. This caliper is done in the new Platinum E coat finish and looks great with any color vehicle. Also, not being anodized there is no fading over time from heat and UV!

Right now I'm running my own GB (production commencing in mid October) and offering this kit for $1550 complete! **Drilled rotors and color upcharges still apply.

Also if you have not seen the new TCE page we now offer convenient on line ordering for pads and general service parts. All new to TCE so be patient so we can work out any bugs..!

Anyhow, nice to be back for a while and look forward to hearing from you all. **Please note that for personal replies I much prefer email (see contact page) vs the standard PM. Being in and out of many forums you may be neglected for a few days with the PM.