Stolen Gen 1 in Florida


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Please be on the lookout for this truck: :embar:

"1995 Black Ford F150 Lightning with the blue/silver lightning bolts on the side. There was a metal diamond cut tool box in the bed of the truck. My son was driving the truck at the time it was stolen from Cracker Barrell in North Lakeland, FL on June 13, 2011. In the truck was his son's car seat, a small computer, a Tom Tom, his college project on his flash drives, his college books, math calculator, etc. So everyone has been affected."

If you have any information, please email me ( or contact the Lakeland FL Police Department."


Jim Watkins


Damn, I live just outside of Lakeland in a little redneck farming community...

As Bump said...pic's of said truck?

That Cracker Barrell is about a 15min. drive from my door step.


Two Down, One To Go.
Oh man! I wish I was closer to help. We need some sort of Amber Alert for stolen Lightnings. Good luck with this!


Weird, until I read this yesterday my truck always sat in my driveway under a car cover unlocked......

Went home last night a locked the frickin' doors....

Mind you my yard is fenced and my gate is always locked.

Now I'm paranoid to leave it in a mall parking lot or something. Put a new tonno on it a while back and first thought I had was “damn this thing would be easy to steal”…..


I Support the NLOC
Hello.We got a call this afternoon...the truck was found. Unfortunately, not in the best of shape. Scratched all up, drivers side window busted out, steering column broke, passenger side door dented in, bumper hanging, transmission shot, etc. The Lakeland Police Dept. found it in a field 50 yards off the highway still running. It was stolen last Monday, but not put on that lot til this afternoon. They think it was used to hall some stolen trailors and stolen stuff along with joyriding. Of course all of our stuff that was inside is gone. At least we got the truck though. Thank you for all your help.
Thanks again,
Jim & Ilona


Atleast you got the truck back. If there is anything you need and I might have lmk and I'll mail it your way!!


i've got a spare passenger door i can part with if you guys need it, its in great shape, red, with window, just no motor or door panel

PM me if its needed