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Beat the heat with the latest cooling mod for your Eaton Supercharger, over the years the roots style supercharger has been plagued by Extreme heat soak issues primarily from the Front drive bearing and gear load.

Under extended High RPM usage the roots style blower can build temperatures to the point of Seal failure and warping of the case leading to complete failure.

Without a way to control heat build-up the roots style supercharger can build Front drive temps to as high as 350+ degrees in a road race application. A typical street machine driven aggressively can see temps reach 250+ at the Front drive (snout).

The rear case reading is half that of the Front. With such uneven recorded temps it is easy to realize Rotor to case rub issues.
NOW with the Stiegemeier Venom Cooler, the issues of heat soak and rotor to case contact can be greatly controlled if not eliminated.

In other words, we have all had a spirited drive then raised the hood to admire our supercharged engine- Your first instinct is to touch the heat soaked blower and SOB that’s hot. Now, same scenario with the Stiegemeier Venom Cooler. Raise the hood and touch the supercharger it is evenly warm front to rear. No Worries.

They all come show polished with line kits, hose adapters, and clamps.
Our available hose colors will be: Clear, Clear Red, Clear Blue, Solid red, and Natural.

Line fittings are a steel push lock type hose. For Road race application, steel braided line kits are available at an extra cost. Each unit will be remanufactured with new bearings and seals.

We will also offer optional colored aluminum anodized pulleys with steel hubs to match the hose color of your choice.

Optional upgraded mounting bolts are available please call for types in stock.

The Venom Cooler will reduce case temps by 75 to 150+ degrees depending on usage. Case temps will run even front to back. On our SVT Cobra test car- we see 125 degrees Steady that is a Stage 6 Snake Bite with a 4# lower stock 3.65 upper pushing 19#s boost in 85 degree weather -after hard driving .

The SVT Cobra and Lightning units are complete and ready to go. We also do the Roush superchargers and custom units for most makes and models will be available upon request and built to order.

Introduction Price: $450, and only $400 with Stage 6 porting – Stiegemeier updates and Rebuilds. New Pulley option $170.00(installed).
Stiegemeier Porting Service, LLC
Robert D. Stiegemeier

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