Wanted: Roller: Does anyone have a red 95 roller they'd sell?


I'm looking for a roller/ half roller red 95 preferably. Let me know what you have please. I'm in KY but I'm willing to travel a ways to pick one up. I've acquired a black 95 that basically needs a frame off so I was wanting to put one together to drive in the meantime. The black one was going to be gutted and maybe scrapped. So I feel I saved it and do intend on restoring it. You can text or call me at (270)617-0135 and my name is Tony. It can be without driveline or halfway there, just whatever. And I found my join date message it was April 24, 2009 and regex(Big D) was the nloc president.
And yes I intend to get the build date for the black 95 and get my info in the member tab.
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