Roebling Road Raceway, Savannah Ga

Sloe Truk

Folks, in a single word, this track is fast. It also eats tires, and is fairly easy on brakes. I had 4/32s of tread on my Perelli PZero Asymetricos and left on the cords. You will use your brakes more to settle the suspension for entry into corners more than anything else. Every turn has a late apex, very late. You almost get tired of turning, because the corners are so long and you will get impatient and be tempted to early apex.

Track rules:
No alcohol while cars are on the track.
Camping is allowed.
You have to cross the track to get to the infield. They have this blocked off during sessions. If you need to leave, you must wait.
All passing is done on the right.
Passing Zones:
1. the long straight
2. between turns 2 and 3.
3. between turns 7 and 8.


There are different corner numbering schemes depending on which group you go with and how experienced they are. I will describe them as they are drawn with the angles and radii starting at the bottom left as turn 1.

Turn 1. You will be in OD coming down the straight. I braked early to enough to get out of OD, ~110. I was taking a lazy apex, no where near the actual apex, and took it back out wide scuffing off speed with steering and maintaining stability throttle. There is no camber in turns 1 or 2, they are flat. Carry the outside line into turn 2.

Turn 2. While staying track left you will want to go around another 90 degrees or so, before you turn in to apex. I was turning in around ~100 or so. you can simply steer it around but the faster line is to rotate the vehicle before the apex and really straighten the last of it out. Track out full left and ease back to the right for turn 3. Wide open to turn 3.

Turn 3. This corner has a fairly decent crown in the middle of the track. If you are track right going in you will feel a lot of under-steer. The better line is to stay a little track right and put the front left tire on the inside of the crown. That will help pull you around. After a couple of sessions I was able to rim-shot that corner. It really doesn't matter where you track out, because you are going to have to slow down so much for turn 4. Entry speed ~100, exit speed ~115.

Turn 4. I saw lighter vehicles take the corner a little faster but since it is flat with a few degrees negative camber, I was a little conservative on the entry. If you approach from track left, then you can take the "miata" line and keep it wide until the apex. If you approach from track center you will have to be really patient and do not early apex while you are fighting to get the truck around. If you coming blazing out of turn 3 and enter from track right, then dive in deep, brake hard and rotate around for whatever apex and track out you can get. Like turn 3, it almost doesn't matter where you track out, but don't be too far left, or you will really unsettle the suspension entering turn 5. Entry and exit speed depend on the line you took, but I would go in faster that ~60 or so, you will exit between ~80-90 depending on the line you took.

Turn 5. Probably the easiest on the course, just cruise through it and don't upset the suspension for turn 6. Entry speed ~90 exit speed into turn 6 ~85. Be sure to stay wide at the exit no matter what line you took through it. I tried apexing it and I tried taking it wide. I found that taking it wide really set me up for turn 6 better and in much more control.

Turn 6. This turn is really flat and offers very little love for a heavy vehicle. THe fast line is to stay wide on entry and and rotate about 20 degrees in the middle, you can carry much more speed through it and out of it and get a really nice track out to the right. Entry speed ~85 and after a rotation exit speed well be close to that. After you track out right, you really need to progress quickly to track left for turn 7, the worst corner for me.

Turn 7. They call it the Carousel. It is 180 degrees all serious negative camber and if you early apex, you are going off. PERIOD. I know. Entry speed ~50 (cause I'm a wuusie) stay a few feet from full track left, it is smoother there. Carry that line about 150 degrees before you turn in for you apex. There is a stack of tires on the inside of the turn, there is as good a point to turn in as any. Exit speeds ~80. Wipe sweat off of brow if you survived that one. You will be forced FULL track left at the exit. Hold that line and the gas pedal down to enter turn 8.

Turn 8. Pretty easy. Entry speed ~90 and keep the right front tire over the crown of the track. the turn in for the apex is like turning into pit road, except the under-steer will keep you out and on the track. Once the suspension starts to unload, lay on the gas and get down the road. Exit speed ~110 or so. You will have to shift in to OD to keep accelerating.

The straight. Pretty easy but remember to brake early to get out of OD and keep it really smooth on the entry into turn 1.

Wash, rinse, repeat.


track notes:
Late apexes
Very hard on tires, I would take an extra set of fronts when I go back.
Easy on brakes
Fast, fast, fast.
I made all three sessions each day on a tank of gas, so no real need to tote gas, just be sure to fill up on you way in.
my best lap time was 1:30.14
Eric's, in his Viper, best lap time was 1:28.55
The track record is 0:47.and small change. That is an average of 156 MPH. I said it was a fast track.

Personal notes, Downtown Savannah is great.
Check ou the creepy crawl bar tour, awesome.
Sloe Truk