Quiting business sale


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;m Well I have decided to not renew my SV for the club and am just going to quit selling lightning products as a business.to much competition.You say competition is good,it lowers prices but if you only sell maybe 20 units a year and have 500.00-1500.00 in R&D.then someone copies you and sells for less how do you survive?you don't and hence why I am doing this.

this is all that I have that can not be returned once it is gone its gone.some items will still be made but on a per sold unit.[and will be more as well as longer wait time[if I decide to make it even].

3- harness bars 290.00 powdercoated in silver red or black
2-panhard bars 255.00
1 set-99 front lightning rotors 200.00
1 set-94-95 lighting rotors redrilled and brearging snout cut down for 4.5 bolt circle 145.00
3- phenolic spacers 35.00 each
1-urethane bushing set for FRONT 65.00
2-HPS pads for HD trucks 50.00ea.
1-super pads for HD truck 55.00
1set of each-1000,1100lbs front springs 125.00
1set-1200lbs springs 125.00
3sets-12mm studs new [pulled out of rotors]10.00 set
Battery boxes are still 125.00 till they are gone
all prices do not include shipping harness bars will be coated as they are sold so figure about 1 week till shipping.Stan

PS support the SV here because THEY support the club!
also I want to thank everyone for buying and using my products.i tried to make the best available.and wish the club and Nan all the best.