Sold: powerdyne supercharger kit

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Powerdyne supercharger kit,bd-10 blower,brackets,pullies,fmu,fuel pump,air tube,boost gauge,msd box with msd boost retard,and mounting hardware.This is a low mile unit that is still nice and tight.$1500 plus shipping

Sold please delete,and thanks to everyone who inquired.


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Sorry not sure how to remove the seat pics in this thread,but it is for sale in a separate thread as well.Thanks


I tried to send you a pm to no avail. I am south of Joplin and my Gen2 is up for sale, I can make you a great deal on some trading for the powerdyne and seat if your intrested. 417-435-5036shop 417-435-5035home George Thank you.
Yes sstock it has been upgraded to a bd-11 but it was several years ago when it was sent back in for the upgrade and I don't have any of the paperwork from when the work was done so I am advertising it as a bd-10 just like the id tag states on the blower so there is no he said she said stuff.Thanks for the good question and it's been a long time since our last visit,I hope all has been going good for you.
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