Just wondering if anyone has had this problem and could possibly point me in the right direction, I started my truck up and let it idle for about 35-40 minutes I noticed that it was puking coolant on the ground from the overflow tank and upper radiator hose was super hard, I cheked the gauges and they were around 240+ degrees but I had heat blowing, I am replacing the radiator, water pump even though the pump is only about one year old, thermostat and possibly the heater core if bad when I check it. I was wondering if anyone has had the same problems or simular issues and what was the cause.

1993 w/mass air added

Thank in advance for your help and ideas: JohnB


start the engine with the radiator cap off and coolant at proper level. look in the open radiator while engine is running and see if coolant is flowing and moving properly. it won't move at first and will start moving when the engine gets warm enough for the thermostat to start opening. when engine is fully warm the coolant should be flowing and moving around an obvious amount. sounds like you have a blockage or obstruction somewhere (radiator, block water jacket crud, etc.) you can remove the thermostat and boil it in water and observe if it's opening completely, just to be sure. just some ideas.


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Definitely do the thermostat before throwing all those other parts at it.