new street racing show out called Street outlaws

They filmed here in Chicago. There was only one race due to rain. The Chitown car killed the Sonoma. They have already said it will most likely not air. Because it was just one race. When the Chitown guys offered to do the races the next day (with or with out a closed street). They declined. I think they were doing a tour of different cities and were on a schedule. I have no doubt Chitown had faster cars in the match ups. And are seasoned street racers. But the Oklahoma buys were not happy with the street prep Chitown did. They had a cart with a drum of traction compound and multi nozzle sprayer. One that would rival any one you see at a local track. hahahaha

my point exactly!!! you beat them like Chicago did and it wont get aired. you lose like the drag week guys did (yeah right) and it gets aired. guess who wins in Cali ? its a waste of time, unless your gonna get paid and that wont happen either.
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I can see where one race is hard to make an episode around. lol

It is somewhat entertaining and I will continue to watch it. I enjoy it for it's entertainment value and leave it at that. lol
yup. They hype it up for the show and their events. They do have great street racing events in Oklahoma and Texas. Many of the Chicago guys go to those events to race. Legit stuff. The show is based off that stuff.
Like you guys said. You take it for what it is. It has some fast cool cars at least. Yeah it has some dorky stuff, but they have to try and please a bigger audience than just guys that really know cars and racing. At least it's a relief from my wifes real house wives and other stupid s*** like that.
Its about as real as Amish Mafia. When I saw the porta-gen light stancions I called BS and turned the channel.
Its about as real as Amish Mafia. When I saw the porta-gen light stancions I called BS and turned the channel.

You mean that's not how it really is in Lancaster? I thought they all drove Mercedes and Cadillacs, burned down buildings, and shot up cars without the police being involved! :bigtu:
Anyone see the pinks race at rt66 ?? Well that mustang that lost to the ( orange Camero I think) that's a Chicago car that Bob kuragan tunes and is the real deal street car that runs 8's with a street tire.... there are some wicked fast street cars in Chicago.

That is Ron's blue mustang. It was tuned by Bob Kurgan. A few shops have worked on that car. That car moves.

There are a LOT of fast Street cars out here. There are a lot of fast Street raced cars as well. There are several shops building cars out here. Open any magazine and you will see AMS, Speed Inc., Fast Times, Mr. Norms, Kurgan Motorsport (moved to Georgia but built and tuned many cars up here, still does) and about 100 other tuner, engine and chassis shops. We are lucky to have about 6 close tracks here. No shortage of racing. But street racing isn't as big here as it was back in the 80's and 90's. The laws changed and the risk versus reward isn't there for most people. You used to get a ticket. Now they can keep the car and you look at good jail time. But still plenty of fast cars still Street racing.
Yes. The production company has different angles. Everyone there signed legal contracts to not show footage of the race. So anyone else who may have video tapped it and decides to post it could lead someone to expensive legal problems.