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Hey everyone! Look forward to meeting fellow lightning enthusiasts to share ideas with. I have a raven black 93 L #594. Still a work in progress and will post updates as I get further in my turbo build

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Welcome jimmy, good looking ride!!!
Gotta love black

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Thank you, it’s just a DJM 3/4 drop with the slapper removed. Planned on lowering the rear more but how it sits has grown on me

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What size rims? 17”?
Didn’t you put a 5 speed manual trans in it?

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Do you have a build list for the trans swap? Also you are like 2 hours away from me.

Here's my list I put together for my TKO 600 swap.

TKO 600 w/26 spline input shaft
Steeda Tri-axe handle w/ 2 x 3.75” long (12mm x 1.75) extenders on middle of rear shift location
FRPP bellhousing M6392R58
FRPP steel flywheel M-6375-A302B
FRPP flywheel bolts M-4216-A210
FRPP pressure plate a dowel kit M6397A302
FRPP pilot bearing M7600A
McLeod clutch 75007
Ford clutch pedal assembly F3TZ-2455-A
Custom made transmission crossmember
Energy Suspension trans mount 4.1104G
Custom driveshaft from 4.0” Aluminum tube / 31 spline forged yoke / companion flange DIM # 1 = 57 ¼” DIM # 2 = 4.25 BC / 2” R Spline 31 for TKO600 Part number from MDL is MD-DSA-4.031F-1330
Mustang lower shift boot cover

Clutch setup-
Master cylinder - Wagner CM110710 housing w/Dorman CM350032 base
Tilton slave cylinder Modern Driveline MD-900-2502-A