NEW DRI 99-04 Lightning X-Pipe For Pacesetter Headers


Hello , Supporting Vendor
Ok guys we have worked on a X-Pipe that will allow you to bolt up Pacesetter Longtube Headers to your cat-back.

The Midpipe is mild steel, 3" to an X-Pipe and then reduces to 2.5" so that it can bolt on to most cat backs. (Stock, Flowmaster, MAC, Bassani, Borla, Magnaflow)

The price is going to be $349.99. However for the first run we will sell them at $319.99. The first batch will be ready in about 2-3 weeks. If you are interested please e-mail or give us a call. Please e-mail rather than sending me a PM as I don't have a chance to come on as often as I would like. Our e-mails are always responded to within 24 hours.

We installed our midpipe on a Lightning already, a "catted" version and it came out great and sounds awesome.

Below are pictures of the off road prototype I have. Please note this was the MOCK UP so the welds are not that great, and the tubing transition from 3" to 2.5" isn't as clean as the final product. The pictures are just so you have an idea of what it looks like.

The prices I posted above are for the off-road version, if you want a catted version the price is going to be $599. Reason being is we use high flow cats that cost $125 each.

Pricing for the Pacesetter Longtube Headers with our X-Pipe is $579.99, and if you want the Ceramic Coated Longtube Headers with our X-Pipe you are looking at $749.99. If you would like a system with High Flow Cats please add $250 to either kit.

Below is a link to the Pacesetter Headers for more info on them:

Pacesetter : Performance Parts - Ford Mustang - Cobra - Dodge Viper - Chevy Corvette - C6 - LS1




Here are pictures of the X-Pipe with cats installed on a Lightning. Video Clip to follow:




Again if you are interested in purchasing one please e-mail or call us.

Thank you for reading.