Need some help from my KC friends...


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Hey all, Sal here. I need some assistance. I purchased a car in Kansas City, MO. I need to fly out to pick it up and then drive it back here to FL (yes, we're in FL now for those who don't know).

I'm hoping that someone might be able to pick me up at the KCI airport, give me a place to crash for the night, and then drop me off at the car dealer the next day.

I'd most likely be flying in this Thursday afternoon, and then would need to be at the car dealer Friday morning.

Also, I know it's short notice, but I would be willing to do some tuning for anyone who needs on Friday afternoon and all day Saturday. I figure we might as well see if we can offer some tuning while I'm out there, right? Plus it would help pay for flight out there and my gas home.

So please let me know if anyone can help me out, and also if anyone wants to get in on some tuning. Thanks!!


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Thanks guys, I got good ole Matty takin care of me. Prolly won't be sticking around for tuning, because we are going to do it earlier in the week.

Edit: Matt beat me to it!


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Great to see you too Sal..Glad you made it back? Did you do 90 with the flood light on? LOL

And great to see your cutting out extra Mac Sauce!! LMAO

Hope the project goes well!!