Mass Air help

Purchased a struckby mass air kit and noticed it had egr delete so We put it all on the truck with 30# injectors with pro m 77 meter. The truck will not run. Start and die.

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With akco computer


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I have not made a kit with a AKCO processor. That is a Ford Motorsport kit. The meter is probably wired incorrectly or not calibrated for that computer/injector combo.

TP 112

Does it matter which A9? series he uses ??? The reason for asking is because the trucks are auto's and some A9? series are for manuals. Does it matter which one he get's ??? He has access to a good A9L series for a manual, I guess he could just try it. Thanks for help.
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sounds more like a wire problem or connector not connected or pin in the wrong spot or something of that nature

i did a maf conversion on mine and it was not plug and play but i never tuned it and it runs great, i've put almost 80k miles on the conversion so far