List of Full Effect Lightnings?

Jamie asked me to respond to this post. First here's a link about the center seats:

Here's a link with some history about my truck:

Don't have a lot more info to post other than what has been posted above.
I've been in a wheelchair for the last 7.5 months with a bad knee so I have been spending some time going through the thousands of magazines, pictures and literature trying to get together all the Lightning info I can and will try to post it when I get a chance. It's interesting but I have been doing more work on all the vehicles than before I ended up in the wheelchair šŸ™ƒ my wife says that's because I can't leave the house to go help others so she keeps me home šŸ¤£

Everyone take care and be safe, Roy
Thanks for the information Roy. I will watch for the new information you post when you get it all together. I hope your knee gets better so you can get back out there and hopefully you will get some of your cars back where you want them too.
Dang, Roy, sorry to hear about the knee!! And the chair!

Really impressive detective work and that documentation that was in the truck is awesome as well!
Not sure but the truck in the magazine could be mine. My truck was originally black and came with a tube rear bumper. Also from the paperwork I have it was the first truck to be done.
Have you seen the issue and article that I was.talking about? Super Ford, December 1993. Do you know what production number yours is out of all the lightnings for 1993? Ford/SVT told me mine is 545 so yours must have been even earlier.


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Have you seen the issue and article that I was.talking about? Super Ford, December 1993. Do you know what production number yours is out of all the lightnings for 1993? Ford/SVT told me mine is 545 so yours must have been even earlier.
No I don't believe I have seen that Article. I did search the internet last night and found a copy and have it on its way.

Yes my build number is #125 .
This is David, original owner of the NOT Full Effect extended cab Lightning. I bought the truck in June of 94. In 98 had my daughter, in 2000 a son came along. I actually tried to sell the Lightning and wasn't having any luck. I asked a fellow Lightning owner that owns a body shop if we could make my truck into an extended cab. I showed him a magazine article that showed some of the details of a Full Effect build and he said yes. A few months later I had my truck done. In 2007 Scott Cedargreen messaged me about selling the truck. After a few weeks of back and forth we made a deal. I was not driving it much anymore due to a busy family. Scott did a great job of keeping the truck in great condition while he owned it. Sadly Scott passed in late 2021. I got in contact with the family and was able to get the truck back. Thanks to Thomas and Sarah Root for selling me the truck back. They will also know where the white 4 door and yellow extended cab are located. I seem to remember Scott trying buy the grabber blue extended cab, anyone know where it ended up? I have pictures during the conversion and lots of other pictures of Lightnings. I am also slowly going back through my magazines and saving any that have Lightnings in them.
Hi, this is Roy Richards AKA Super Cab L. I have the Grabber Blue Supercab L and Scott never tried to buy it. I live in Brentwood in Northern California. I've had the truck since November of 93. If you want to contact me at
510-917-FORD just send a text and then we can talk if you want.



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I love the grabber blue! I had a grabber blue Mercury Cyclone GT many years ago. So glad the truck is still around. In the material I got back with my truck from Scott it had a Truckin magazine with your truck in it. I show it to people when they say Ford never made an extended cab. I guess Scott just mentioned he knew where the truck was not that he was trying to buy it. I live in Kingston,TN near Knoxville. Is this the truck that also did the silver state classic or similar race?
Hey Jeff, I got an email and that's why I jumped in. Alma says no go on the Ranger, it's on the lift for oil change and battery replacement.
N2FORD, I've also got a Grabber Blue Mustang Coupe that's been in Hot Rod Magazine and on the cover December 1999 collector edition. Here's a link:

It was also in Mustang Illustrated and in 7 calandars. Paint from the Mustang was used for a color match for the truck.



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If you follow the link to the Hot Rod magazine article it looks like you have to scroll across the bottom to page 62 to see it. By the way for those of you that don't know (which is most of you) the Ranger has a 5.0 and 5 speed in it.

That's cool to have had it in a magazine. Very nice car and I like the Ranger (I have a V8 swapped 01 SportTrac). When Scott had my truck he got it in an online magazine.
Jeff the author is one of the promoters of a big Mustang show near me every year. He originally wrote it telling the real story about it being done in Tennessee but someone modified the article at a later date to make it sound like it was a Full Effect build.
I found these in some old paperwork I had filed away. I am trying to go thru 100's of magazines to find anything Lightning related at this time.