LightningFest 2006

Is Mike capitalizing every word for a reason?
clonetek said:
Is that what happens when you sell your sou.. I mean work for the government? lol

Yes, That Is The Reason. Maybe It Is The EMFs In This Place Also.
Jeffro, If You Are Going to Scratch Your Eyes Out, Call Me First, I Wanna Bring A Lawnchair & Watch The Show !!
Hey BigD, because Mike insists I need to ask, why isn't the logo contest up yet? (This is me showing interest, but needing to blame it all on Mike.)
BigD said:
Bobby, you need to save a burnout set for 2006!;)

Dwight, after what i have gone through this year you wont have to worry about that i will go buy a new set of tire to mount and juts melt off the rims for my burnout