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I bought a 2015 RCSB with a 5.0 and check out what I did to it. I used a Crown lowering system 3-6 and a 2.9 whipple. it is very quick.
Where are the pics, videos, hp numbers and time slips lol. I never understood why a lightning was needed. The coyote or Eco boost in a reg cab short bed is a perfect foundation to do whatever you want. Then again I'm biased since I don't even own a lightning in the first place lol.
He's got a late model regular cab short bed, lowered and with a whipple blower and is tired of waiting for a Gen3. At least that's what I get from it :)

Dam.. You got all that from that mumble jumble..that must be some kind of Ford Ebonics....but thanks for the translation!
Dam.. You got all that from that mumble jumble..that must be some kind of Ford Ebonics....but thanks for the translation!
I didn't understand it at first either but looked up and realized it was posted in the gen 3 section. Then it all made sense. I almost bought a rcsb coyote truck when I was having issues with my 96 but stuck with it.
I special ordered my own custom-built, supercharged 2020 F-150 XL Sport from Beechmont Ford (Cincinnati, OH) in early July, 2020. It was built at the Kansas City assembly plant, shipped to Beechmont for modification, then delivered to my driveway in late September for $44,802.69.

This legitimate 11-second, 770 HP truck would destroy my old 500 HP 2001 Lightning and I absolutely love it. Unassuming, smooth, quiet, and very comfortable.... it's the ultimate sleeper street truck. :cool:

2020 Ford F-150 (23 cropped).jpg

2020 Ford F-150 (11).jpg
That’s awesome and exactly what I want for a daily driver but in 4x4 trim.

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There's a guy on YouTube (Boosted F-150) who has one of these trucks making 1,000+ HP and running mid-9s. And it's driven on the street!
Can't remember for sure, but his may be an AWD regular cab. I do recall him posting some killer 60-ft. times.
Yes, I follow him. The gray one is the 2nd one. It’s called REAPER. The first one was black and called the Undertaker. Both are 4x4. He wrecked the black one playing on the highway in 2wd.

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Santa Claus brought me an Autometer wide band, digital A/F gauge, a mechanical boost gauge, and a 2-port steering column pod for Christmas. I'm planning to do the install within the next couple of weeks. Pictures will follow. :cool:
Very sweet!!

There's a Roush F-150 in the parking lot at work now. Can't say much for the cosmetics, but it's neat to see one in person.