Help with M 9000 L58


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Hello.. new to the forum. Trying to get this 93 running. It had/has the mass air kit partially installed. The 30 lb injectors are out, EEC is still in, and trying to sort out the harness. I am trying to get it back to stock to get it running then may reinstall the L58 kit. Trying to reverse engineer it. First thing is to replace EEC back to stock and remove the injector harness. Thoughts? Thanks.
That is basically all you need to do based on my memory. You will also need to hook a vacuum line back up to the MAP if I remember correctly. I believe the L58 kit just had you unhook the vacuum line and the MAP worked like a BAP at that point. Personally, I would leave the mass air kit on it. I had one and it ran great. Good luck with your new L!
Quick background.. had a powerdyne supercharger and L58 kit. Powerdyne was pulled off.. but hasn't run since. Something got crossed up. Trying to figure out what. I can see that the harness adapter and EEC is still on. Checking on the rest. I assume the mass air kit will work fine without the bigger injectors for now? Just trying to eliminate possible causes.
You need to verify what EEC is there... The one for the mass air is AKCO I believe... And "NO" the mass air will not work properly without the 30# injectors and mass air meter that came with the kit. It all works together... layover harness, different EEC, 30# injectors, and 30# calibrated mass air meter. It will work perfectly fine on your truck without the supercharger. I had it on my NA truck with heads, cam, and exhaust...
Ok.. the AKCO correct EEC is in it for the mass air conversion. I verified that. I would think next step is to put the injectors back in versus removing everything else. Thoughts? And thank you.
Yes.. and the vacuum line is disconnected at the MAP. Pulling the intake off now. I think everything from the mass kit was left in place except the 30 lb injectors. The engine will fire and immediately stall. Hopefully this will be a big step toward getting her running.
And there should be an inlet air temp sensor in the air box or cone air filter with a pigtail to the FMS kit harness