Goodbye folks


Guys, my life finally slowed down enough for me to write this down.

I wanted to say thank you to all of the "internet friends" that I made in this online community.

I sold the truck 2 weeks ago. I ended up taking a deal that was quite a bit less than I wanted to take, but I was in a bind with all the driving, and was ready to make a major change in my life. I gave the guy that bought the truck literally every part that I had for the truck. (except the 2 spare wheels/tires I have, Jling, you're welcome to them.

The next week, also pressed for time, I bought what I had been looking at for some time, a 2002 SVT Focus. I hate to say that I have brand preference, but I guess I kinda do. For the record, the car is F****** STELLAR. handles awesome, "feels" fast. and is getting 25-30mpg consistently. Best purchase I could have made in my opinion. Right now it has a short throw, Panel K&N, Full exhaust save for headers, a tuner, European wheels and bigger wires. I'm making a strut tower brace this week, an intake, and am putting in a new subwoofer since the old one was blown.

I just wanted to say again how wonderful being a part of this community has been to me. The knowledge I gained, the friends I made, and the experiences I had solely through our mutual love of these trucks is something incredible. I think everyone that "knew" me around here saw me transform from a total idiot to a regular idiot. And I think it was due to the people on here, like Giddyup (Rob) Lightning2000 (Billy) Turbodgumby (Gumbo) Struckby (Ed) Diabolic (Chuck) and a bunch of other guys. What wonderful people to learn from and become friendly with. I would have no second thoughts calling one of those guys up to say hello, although they might feel differently due to my absolutely quirky as hell internet persona.

TL;DR. This place is a wonderful well of knowledge, experience, and friendship. I hope the SVT Focus Forums are as nurturing and helpful.

I'll be seeing you guys around for sure though. I'll pop in every once in a while.


Adios Spence. You certainly did "liven up" this section providing many, including me, with more than a few laughs and :rolleyes: too ! Good luck in your higher education and the Focus. They are a sprightly little car !



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Spence you came a long long way from newb to now, props to you for that :eek:ldtu: and dealing with us, haha.
Good luck in you future adventures. there's alot of fun cool cars and trucks to own out there.
Sounds like your on a good path.

Take Care.


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Adios, whether you have a truck or not, cmon by and hangout, Gen 1 section here is as good as internet forums come. Some of the best people around hang out here.:eek:ldtu: Even though I have a Gen2 now, I still have it in for Gen1 Ls, coolest darn truck around. Why do you think Keith and Scott are collecting them?

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Well put Steve. If the day comes that I'd ever part with mine, I just see myself wanting to build another.

Nice Focus, I approve. Happy trails Spence!


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Fair winds, Spence! Nice pick - tried to get my daughter to buy one of those instead of the (cough, cough) Mazda 3 she ended up with, and when she didn't buy it, I almost did!


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Good Luck to you Spence! Just because you don't have a truck doesn't mean you have to ditch your buds. Stop back soon!


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Spence you have always been cool to speak with and professional.
Leave the new car stock and grab all the education you can while you have the free time in your life.
Don't be a stranger here and be good


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Spence, now that you are all grown up maybe the mods will change your avatar to at least an older male unicorn??:D LOL Please stop by once in awhile and let us know how you are doing. I'm sure you will get back into a Lightning again when all of the smoke clears from the school/job scenario. BTW, what ever happened to your prom date??