GEN1 - Billet Coil Mounting Bracket Feedback


Supporting Vendor
I have received quite a few requests for a billet coil mounting bracket that would replace the OEM stamped bracket. I hope to cut a prototype this weekend for feedback. Some things I would like to know are:

1.) What color anodizing would everybody like to have?

2.) Would anybody like custom engraving on the face of the bracket? How about a lightning bolt engraved on the front?

Let me know what level of interest there is in this item. If there is a high enough interest, I will see about putting together a group buy on them.

Here is the initial design. I figured I would do a quick photoshop of the bracket with the coil mounted in it to get some feedback prior to cutting any metal. I know the rendering is not the best, but it was quick and hopefully gives you an idea of what the finished product would look like. Let me know what you think.
Looks like we might have (2) requests. I would like to run a batch of them if possible. Anybody else?