gen 1 chip


hey sal what would you recomend for a mostly stock truck with headers full exaust, cold air kit, . or is it even worth it
You don't even need Sal for this answer. Not worth it. You need some more mods first. You will be best off to bump your timing at the distributor for now.
Well, I would not say it's "not" worth it, it's just a matter of what you expect from it. On a stock truck, you won't see a big HP gain. But with the stuff that we do with the trans settings, it definitely will give you a noticable feel. Plus we can shut off the speed limiter. Just FYI.
hey sal with a full exaust , cai , lfp valve body, and 16 * timing and under drives would you be able to burn me a chip to tune it out and would it be worth the money. and how much.
It's $299 for a single program chip. It's not going to give you a "huge" difference, but I do rework some of the trans stuff, and that in itself can make the truck pull better. But you're not going to get 20rwhp from a tune on a stock type truck.