Couple questions?


I have the two pictures and not sure what goes there. I have the pcv valve and the intake vacuum all figured out I think.
Please help.


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The first pic I believe would be the plug for your fuel tank evap can solenoid (the square canister under your battery). I'm not for sure but, I think you may get a CEL if that is not plugged in. The second, nothing goes there. I believe that may be for a trans kickdown which the E4OD does not have.


Yes the intake is upside down. I took it off to work on it. My fuel tank evap can solenoid has been deleted. I am working on adding it back.


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First pic is indeed the connector for the charcoal canister purge solenoid.

Second pic - nothing goes there - throttle cable and cruise cable both connect to the nipple on the other end.


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If purge solenoid and charcoal canister are gone leave um off. Mine have been deleted for 4 yrs now. No issues just cap the vent line so no gas smell in engine bay. Unneeded emission control bs.