Chance for vendors to support MS and sponsor 80 rides across 5 states in print & TV


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This years video

As most of you know we built the ultimate Rally ride based off the truck we love so much; the Ford Lightning.
After Season 4 of Bullrun ran into network issues we ran a Rally last year with Rally North America totaling 3500 miles. The Rally made dozens of newspapers, TV, and magazines.

This year we are going again for MS Accelerated Cure.

About Accelerated Cure Project
We are a national nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the cure of MS by facilitating research that determines the causes and mechanisms of MS. Our primary strategic initiative is the establishment of the MS Repository, a large-scale collection of highly-characterized biosamples available to scientists at any organization who are conducting research that contributes to our mission. All data generated through analysis of MS Repository samples is contributed back to the Accelerated Cure Project, resulting in an increasingly valuable and comprehensive information resource that can be analyzed to reveal new insights about MS. For more information about the Accelerated Cure Project or to make a corporate or individual donation, call 781/487-0008, visit, or send an email to

About Multiple Sclerosis:
Multiple sclerosis, or MS, is a chronic demyelinating disorder of the central nervous system affecting over 400,000 people in the US and 2 million individuals worldwide. MS often results in severe disability including the inability to walk, impaired vision, or in some cases blindness, cognitive dysfunction, bladder and bowel problems, extreme fatigue and other serious symptoms. Unfortunately, no one knows what causes multiple sclerosis, there is no known cure for the disease, and treatments are modest at best.

Rally North America sen out a Press Release Blitz . They have amassed over 700 media contacts in the cites and town that we will be visiting and will be adding to the list as we get closer to the event.

After working with a few local sponsors I call the event organizer to see if I can get sponsors added to help make the goal of $45,000 in donations and was told yes.

The nitty gritty is:

Provide 80+ decals and $250-$499 for one decal on the ride

or $500 + for 2 under 1ft or maybe one larger one. Need to provide 160 decals

All proceeds go straight to the charity.

I know not all businesses can just write a check so maybe something can be worked out for the auction in the form of a donation.

Vendors who donated are also mentioned in articles and on the web site.