Carlisle PA Ford nationals


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Any body from here planning to attend the Ford nationals in Carlisle PA on June 3rd-5th? I'm planning on making the trip Friday morning and staying for the weekend. I went like 5 years ago and don't recall a big Lightning turn out.
I'll be there, I've been there the last couple of years and it averaged about 5-7 first Gen's each year.
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Their Mopar shows are the best! It's an 8 1/2 hour drive so probably not worth it for 5-7 first gen trucks. It's been a few years since I traveled any distance for a show.
Great turnout. I didn't take many pictures. Met a couple nice folks. They said largest shows there ever had. Probably 10 nice gen 1s. Made the 5.5 hour journey out. Just needs to make it back home now.

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Couldn't have asked for nicer weather. They said they exceeded the previous record of 3400 cars at 1pm on Saturday. so I can only imagine the total car count.

My truck made the 800 mile round trip journey without a hiccup. much needed weekend with some good friends and A LOT of fords.