Can I just bolt a Kenne Bell right up?


Sonic Blue Avenger
Johnny, as you can see in my sig that I have many bolt-on performance mods from you. I was just curious with this current set-up, what would a Kenne Bell blower do for me, and do I have to do any internal engine work? Thanks.
1st. of all thank you for your support!:tu: the *NEW* KB will be a DIRECT! bolt on.. it will take about 1-2hrs. to install. All of the origanal routing of hose vacum lines ect. will hook up exactly the way it was from the can expect up to 70 more HP pound per pound against the stock eaton..we hope to have them available by the 2nd week of sept.....JL
engine mods

i was wondering also about the engines mods needed to bolt on the kenne bell.
does anyone have specs for the bottom and top end?