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Has anyone purchased a "special" frame for their build certificate?? i.e. SVT, Lightning etc. I tried an E-Bay search and came up empty........figured it would look neat in a dedicated frame. Did SVT ever make a frame to put around the certificates they issue?



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Just go to one of the mall stores where they do engraving and such and have them specially engrave a nice silver frame for you. Or get one of those frames with a name plate/ plaque on the bottom or top and have that engraved. Just some ideas.. Stan


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^ ditto... hit up Aaron Brothers or Michaels. if you live on a base or know someone who does, hit up the arts and crafts center and get it cheap.

Lightning LA

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I've been wanting a billet engraved frame that goes around the air-box emblem,do any of you know where i could get a billet frame that size?
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First off, that is not my L.

If you are talking about the decals I saw this in another SVT forum. Not sure if we are allowed to show links to other forums but the guy's name is Jason Smith and his email is I have similar decals and paid about $40 for the two decals. He can make whatever color scheme you want.

Lightning LA

Again, not my L, but the frame was made awhile back by a member of a F150 forum by the name of BuiltFordFast. Someone let me know if links are permitted and I will post it. I believe it was also around $40. Not sure if it is still being built.

Hope this helps.