Bringing the L back to carving spec ... some advice please


A few months ago I finally found out what was wrong with the suspension... qa1 blown out.
Same exact problem as Tim Skelton, the really thin 'washer' looking thing in the plunger is shattered.

I was quoted for rebuilding both of them for $150. This is a 'better' than stock rebuild- similar to what Tim has had done.

Anyone have any experience with a similar setup, then adding stiffer swaybars... can you tell the difference?
So the questions I have...

Anyone else rebuild them and NOT have any more problems?

How many miles should I expect out of this type of shock? Is rebuilding every 10k 'normal'? I'm ok with this if the rebuilds kits are reasonable price.

Any other shock I should consider that will match anywhere near an 1100lb coil? (I'm dreaming, right?)

General thoughts are appreciated too...

<Violin on> - so the truck doesn't get out much anymore. Besides that I drive many many miles and I have to drive the mileage maker (91 accord); I don't 'enjoy' driving the truck anymore. Ever since the qa1 failure, I have had to switch back to the stock shocks, just so I could drive it- It's depressing and unpredictable with the overpowering 1100lb coils.
I need two tires (two to get by), dent in the tailgate, front bumper painted and general TLC. :sigh:
- So I'm trying to make her fun to drive again, and so then I'll start dumping money into her again. I miss the way it 'used to be'. Maybe we just need a good councilor? :heart:
<Violin off>

Current mods: Qa1's all around (front left failed), 1100lb RUslow coils, RUslow rear sliders, FactoryTech monster box, 4# lower, RUslow driveshaft loop, predator 4# tuned down.