Wanted: Black or white lightning. Located in Atlanta


You have one? I would consider a red one, if cared for…

I have a Red 93. I say it's a project, you can see my tread. I recently posted pictures. It needs ball joints that is the next thing on the list. It is for sale but I have not listed it anywhere yet. It will be a week or three before I get the ball joints installed.


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Hi, I have a red 1995 for sale - 99K miles, all stock except for stereo but have orig in a box. Always garaged. Owned since 2000. Really nice. If you are interested - $23,500 . Tim


I have a black 94 with less than 90k miles. Very good mechanical condition and completely stock. It has been repainted at some time. I think it was wrecked but it is very good looking truck.
Located near Gadsden al. price $12,500

2five 6-390-four763
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