Big D is this Legal

I want! :drool:

Bring it on, but it must be in a commercial golf cart chassis! ;)
I am a very skilled machinist with many years of experience. All I can say is tha I am IMPRESSED! Just the heads are astounding. The chambers and valves are somewhat easy. The intake and exhaust runners are very, very difficult.
wow that dude took some serious time on that engine! he's got some serious skills to mill all of those parts!
Hi Jason,

The jet engine is only 50 HP....the engine on mine is 85 HP. ;g

BTW, the house we moved into in TX is on Quicksilver Dr.!
Hey Baby Jake,
We will need to plan a golf cart wrenching session, once the weather cools down a bit.
It is sitting out at ShowPro ready for some new mods:hh: :3g: