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Me thinks you got the rod that goes from pedal to depress MC too long there by overextending the cyl inside and tearing or dislodging the orings and making it leak. NO WAY can I see 10X getting the "bad one" or whatever. Something is a miss here. In 406+ miles my truck is on it SECOND M/C I swapped M/C #1 at 360XXX miles and have had no issues since. Swapped the one on my wifes 95 F150 about 30K ago (its at 206K now) and no issues with it either.....

Something aint right....

Spence glad you got it figured out... So I guess youll be taking down that FOR SALE ad now?

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The booster pushrod was checked/adjusted using a tool I fabbed using diagram in my Haynes book. I am on the second cardone booster which was also checked by ASE Shop. The brakes are not dragging which is a symptom of rod extended too far out. I have replaced MC's and parts on Ford, Pontiac, Dodge and Mitsubishi with never a problem, only on this L.
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nope, it's still for sale, i'm having to commute almost 400 miles a week, driving every day back and forth to work and school.....i'm blowign ridiculous money on gas, have used the truck as a truck about once in the past year. and i'm just needing a dead reliable DD while I work at my new job, which has to do with making really high end hot rods (think Chip Foose style stuff)

I'm getting started on building my own kind of FSAE car, and also turning my BMW into a stripped out racecar/rally car over the summer now that I can TIG, MIG, CNC, do composite work and other BS.

I just need a Honda so i can save money to go out to Colorado every other weekend lol