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Hi all,

First off I would like to apologize for being gone so long from the site but I have had a lot of things going on with this move... I know several people are wanting to purchase various parts from me but unfortunately Pickrel Performance is going to have to remain closed for quite sometime and it may be permanent... It's a long story but basically I can not afford to build a garage at this time and Pickrel Performance does not make enough money to support the $1,100. plus shop rent they charge around here in addition to all my other bills which have about doubled since moving to this location... I'm currently looking for employment and at this point uncertain as to what the future may bring...

I have met so many wonderful people over the years while being evolved with the Lightning club it is insane! This is a great club with a bunch of excellent people and I would like to thank all my friends, customers and the NLOC for a memorable six years!

At some point in the future I may be back but I don't want to keep people waiting in hope of something that may never happen... Well, I guess that is all for now, Good luck to everyone and there Hot~Rod projects!



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dave, can you still get us great prices on mac headers? i understand i would have to mod them... but i gotta have an exhaust setup.