96 f-150


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We’ll to be fair this is just a small side project. My main project is sitting beside it and I’m itching to get back to it! So that’s my motivation!

For me, those 3-4 hr blocks of time with a week in between are very inefficient. It takes me a while to wrap my head back around where I was at and what needs to be done. Then it’s time to clean up and put tools away.

My main project is going on a year now and I want to get it done, so I know the feeling. Mission creep and falling off a slippery slope.

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The cutoff for me where it isn't worth messing with is usually about 2 hours unless I've got a few small tasks I can knock out quickly and not have to leave half done. I also had to add an electric fuel pump to the car, which was a few hours of time I wasn't planning on. In retrospect I should have skipped the Holley fuel pump kit and used an in tank set up. Would have been cheaper and cleaner, but I didn't find an in tank I liked until the deed was done. The only place I could put the CTS was in the intake and that required a new thermostat housing. I built a new set of plug wires to avoid EMI. Replaced the blower motor which requires removing the inner fender, so I did heater hoses too. Changed the brake master cylinder. It's just been one thing after another. An hour here and an hour there turns into seeks pretty quickly. I think I'm finally on the downhill side and all I have left is wiring, which I hate.