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This shows a bone-stock F-150 compared to putting the Roush blower on it at the stock 7.5 Psi boost level, and then adding 1 PSI of boost and better tuning, to get an idea for what those things do.

RunFile 001 (KP) = Stock 5.4 3V F-150

Power = 207 HP/254 lb/ft. Torque (rear wheel)

RunFile 003 = Same truck with Roush Intercooled Blower, 7.5 PSI Boost

Power = 336 HP/ 383 lb/ft Torque (rear wheel)

Runfile 009 = Same truck now at 8.5 PSI and with Troyer tuning

Power = 376 HP/417 Torque (rear wheel)

This shows a 16 RWHP & 21 RWTQ gain as a result of the port job by itself, on the same vehicle

Runfile 001 (MG) = Another 5.4 3V F-150 with Roush Intercooled Blower @ 7.5 Psi Boost

Power = 347 HP/386 lb/ft Torque (rear wheel)

Runfile 005 = Same truck, now with ported Roush Blower

Power = 363 HP/407 lb/ft Torque (rear wheel)

Runfile 008 = (JK) 5.4 3V F-150 with Whipple supercharger running 10 PSI of Boost

Power = 393 HP/423 lb/ft. Torque

Runfile 013 (HS) = 5.4 3V F-150 with Saleen Blower at 10 PSI of Boost

Power = 393 HP/435 lb/ft Torque (rear wheel)

This shows that Snakebite gave us a gain of 41 RWHP and 73 RWTQ!!!
Runfile 004 = 2008 F-150 5.4 3V with Roush Blower at 10 PSI of boost – note that this truck had longtube headers, but also had very heavy 22” rear wheels, which reduces power considerably

Power = 380 HP/425 lb/ft Torque (rear wheel)

Runfile 008 = Same truck, the ONLY difference now is the installation of the Snakebite supercharger modification to the Roush Blower , the Troyer Performance custom fuel system to support higher power levels, and proper retuning for the fuel system & Snakebite modification.

Power = 421 HP/498 lb/ft Torque rear wheel)

Note: Other dyno runs of Snakebite on another truck have shown RWTQ numbers in excess of 500 RWTQ, and HP levels ranging from 437-445 RWHP – they have not been provided due to not having the “before” Snakebite plots, thus not being able to provide proper before & after plots, these plots were only the “after” Snakebite plots.

Before porting: Stock Roush


Stiegemeier Ported Roush


Ported Snake Bite Roush


Whipple 10 PSI


Stock 5.4 3V F 150


Stock non blown


Roush blower Troyer tuned

Saleen blower 10 PSI


Big Thanks to Troyer Performance