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    My Mom's 1986 Ford Crown Victoria

    I will try to keep this short. A little background for this story. Bought this car for my Mom back in 2003 as a short-term daily driver. Back then I had a 1978 Malibu with a slightly mod'd and abused 305sbc (thanks to a young me); and a joint project 1967 Chevelle with a 406 stroker sbc...
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    I Saw/Heard You!

    Garden State Parkway north; a mile after the Driscol Bridge; around 7:10 PM tonight. Silver late model Lightning with blacked out wheels and gnarly exhaust. I saw you cruising in the left lane; real wicked sounding machine. Whoever you are, nice truck:cool:!!! If I had something with balls...
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    Charging System

    I searched for alternators and all I came up with is two threads on the subject. So I'm going to ask straight out, what are you guys/gals running for an alternator? I read that the stock 1st gen. Lightning alts are 90 amps. I plan on building up a F4TE from a '96 E-250. I'm not sure what...
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    1st Gen Lightning Intake

    I will probably catch some flack for this but I am going to ask it anyway. I have heard that the stock 1st gen Lightning intakes are hard to come by nowadays. I came across one a few years back while scrounging around an old junkyard. I didn't realize its potential and walked by it. This...
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    New Blue Oval Fan

    Hey guys/gals; I was referred to this site by another member and from the looks of it, I might learn a lot from this site. Unfortunately I don't own any Lightnings, but I do own two Ford trucks. My daily driver is a 1992 Ford Ranger super cab with a 3.0L V6 and a 5-speed. My other truck is my...