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  1. five0drw

    Old member coming back

    five0drw just thought i would take a look around
  2. five0drw

    Ad Expired: Modded Clean L. Budget $10,000 to $20,000

    good to see some one looking
  3. five0drw

    GTG Jan 17th Hooters 1pm

    Sweet count me in. Killer ride Matt . If it is nice out i can bring mine new find as well:cool::thumbup::cool:
  4. five0drw

    GTG Nov 15th

    :cool:yep count me in, we might even see the dos-equis guy,
  5. five0drw

    GTG May 17th 2 pm at Hooter on Metcalf

    heck yea :cool:lets give it go got mine running good. lots of new stuff installed
  6. five0drw

    looking for

    Thanks scott. I have done them both:D Still looking;k
  7. five0drw

    Drag Radial

    Just my experence i run a 86 mustang 351 on 295 65 D/R my best on 60ft have been in the 1.30 on a 225 plate 1st stage best psi for me is 13. car approx weight 3150.:)
  8. five0drw

    FFW Coming to Gateway in 2012

    hummmmmmmmmmmm just a converter change away.:cool:
  9. five0drw

    Gen 1 pics post 'em up

    Under cover waiting for warm weather... few up grades..
  10. five0drw

    looking for

    i have just recently came across johnny lighting(hot wheel type) 93 f-150 all i have found are the red white and sliver anyone have a line on any black ones? i have purchased a white one and may paint it black if i cant find one will trade or buy if someone has thanks a ton. :thumbup:
  11. five0drw

    FordFest Oct 22

    congrates to all. Weather was great. I knew you guy's would do good Shawn,Dave,Vern..:cool: Glad Roger and Mark both got to run their beast down the the 1320.:oldtu: Were are the pic's of the action.:D
  12. five0drw

    August 2011 TOTM - Congratulations to Ron "bumperquip" Cope ! (NLOC #2254)

    Def a clean rig. Well deserved. Congrates on totm.:oldtu:
  13. five0drw

    Happy Birthday Bobby (Blue Oval Forever)

    Dang you old Fart H/B Man.;k
  14. five0drw

    New mod

    the one i had had a tab that went into a hole in the 03 to help line up the light. our truck's do not need that tab.
  15. five0drw

    New mod

    03 f-150 seem to point fine after i cut the tab off:D
  16. five0drw

    New mod

    out with old in with the new took about 15min
  17. five0drw

    new shades

    Thanks all. lol clint:D
  18. five0drw

    new shades

    Got them from E-bay.
  19. five0drw

    new shades

    thanks Ed. I do like the look.goes together with the the powercoat.:D